About Your Instructor

September 3, 2013

To the Students and Parents,

Let me first say I am very excited to teach the wonderful students at Appleton East High School, and I am looking forward to a very successful year of learning and exploration in U.S. History. I would like to use this letter to introduce myself to you and share my approach to teaching.

I am originally from Appleton and graduated from Appleton East High School in 2000. I entered the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley in 2001. At that University I earned a history scholarship for my academic prowess and was consistently on the Dean’s List for my high grades. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley in 2003 with an Associate Degree and immediately after I enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh to work on my Bachelor Degree. At the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh I earned many academic awards and graduated cum laude in 2006 with a degree in Education, Social Sciences, and History. After University I accepted a position as a reserve teacher in the Minneapolis Public School District where I worked with low-income and highly diverse student populations. I then accepted a position to teach middle school world history at Colegio Interamericano, a private international school in the country of Guatemala in 2007. I finished my 2-year contract in June of 2009. I then traveled to Thailand and began a social studies position at the American School of Bangkok where I also became the Head of the Middle School. After finishing my 2- year contract at ASB, I returned to the U.S. for a position in the North Fond du Lac School District teaching 9th grade U.S. History and Ancient Greece and Rome. I moved on from North Fond du Lac to University Lake School for one year where I taught western civilization and civics. Finally, my career has brought be back to Appleton and my former high school as I recently accepted a position to teach AP U.S. History and U.S. History.

Outside of education, I have many hobbies. I played sports throughout my life. The highest level I played was college-level tennis. I have a love for the outdoors which led to me to work in several national parks in the U.S. including Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Glacier National Parks. I developed an obsession with mountain and rock climbing that takes up most of my vacation time. I am also very involved with basketball where I played in the Guatemalan Federation League and coached middle school basketball in Guatemala where my team won the Copa Americano which is one of the most important basketball events in Guatemala. I also coached the High School Boys basketball team at the American School of Thailand and led them to their most successful season ever. Finally, during my free time I read a lot books and study a variety of topics usually surrounding my field of the social sciences but also the sciences and religion.

In my classroom I set high expectations for my students and work energetically and diligently to make sure my students reach those expectations. Center to my approach to education is developing my student’s critical and analytical thinking. I want above all for my students to become independent thinkers capable of understanding world, national, and local issues, and be able to develop original solutions.

I bring a lot of passion, energy, and creativity to the classroom. I put maximum effort into designing and giving the highest quality lessons that engage the students and excite them about learning the social sciences. I involve a lot of instructional technology into my lessons and assignments including creating websites, PowerPoint, Moviemaker, etc.

Finally, I believe in a multiple intelligences approach to learning. Every student has his or her own set of skills, and I create lessons that focus on a variety of these skills. This makes the lessons fresh, new, and interesting for the students and the teacher.

It is going to be great year and again I am very excited to have the privilege to teach the wonderful students at Appleton East High School. Please feel free to contact me anytime about anything, and you will be able to find out what is going on in my classes as class websites will be up and running in the near future.





Brian Kurth