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October 6-10



1. Finish the movie


2. Seven-years war mini- DBQ


3. Start Revolutionary War Unit

4. Go over schedule and overview handout

5. Hand out study guide

      a. goes with chapter 4 and presentations

      b. if time students can start working on the study guide


Six Degrees of Separation Project- Partner or Individual

-        French and Indian War to the 1783 Treaty of Paris

-        Explain the Project

-        Work Time

Suggest either looking over the PowerPoint and/or start reading the chapter


Participation Grade- fill out a work completion sheet

1- Show progress on the project. Working on the Six Degrees of Separation- last in-class day.


Participation Grade- fill out work completed sheet- due at the end of the hour

October 13-17

Battles Day (Guided Notes)

1. American Perspective of the Revolutionary War- fill out chart using chapter 4


2. Start the British Perspective


1. British Perspective with chart


2. Start “How Revolutionary was the Revolution?” DBQ

How Revolutionary was the Revolution? DBQ

Six Degrees Project Due


How Revolutionary was the Revolution? DBQ

October 20-24


Rebels and Revolution Start

Complete Rebels and Revolution


Millionaire Game- two volunteers



Test on the Revolution. M.C.


Mini-DBQ (Washington)

No Class

No Class