Civil War, Reconstruction, and the Final Exam








Jan. 2-3

No School

No School

No School

1. Hand back papers and notebooks

2. Discussion on papers

Questions and support for position

3. Finish the movie

4. Final Exam and Study Guide

Independent learning

Two big assignments

1. Semantic Webs

2. Civil War Letter

3. Every day is worth points

Workday- In Class

Jan. 6-10

Workday- Civil War Semantic Web Due

Workday in the computer lab

Workday in the computer lab



Late Start

Workday- Civil War Letters Due

Workday in the computer lab

 Reconstruction Semantic Web  Due

Start final exam review

Optional after school final exam

Jan. 13-17

1. Finish Final Exam Review PowerPoint



Final Exams for 4th and 5th hours

Final Exam for 6th hour

Final Exam for 2nd hour

Half Day- Look over exams