End of the Year Schedule







May 11-15


Test: WWII

Crash Course Cold War with key concepts

America Story of US: SuperPower

 Crash Course 1950s  with key concepts

May 18-22

Crash Course 1960s with Key concepts

Crash Course: Vietnam War with central question

Start the Civil Rights movement:

Civil Rights- segregation DBQ- the whole class looks at it and discuss for 15 minutes (maybe just project the documents


Go over the Civil Rights event chart/ timeline


Main DBQ: Martin vs. Malcolm. Change the central question: “What is the best way to try to enact change in a Democracy?” Need to relate the essay to the civil rights and some topic today- Gay Rights, NSA spying, Globalization, Police issues etc. Use 6 to 8 documents and lots of background knowledge about the civil rights era plus the main issue today.

Analyzing the documents

Analyzing the documents and start to write the essay.


Sign up for a conference time.

May 25-29

Memorial Day

Work Time

Work Time

Essay’s Due!

End of Year Conference

Essay Due! Continue End of the Year Conference

June 1st -5th


Finish End of the year conferences


Movie: Selma


Finish Selma