Native Americans/Columbus/Early Colonies







Sept. 15-19

Reading Chapter 1

1- Test 9/11 and debate on security

2- Check out textbooks

3- Early America- struggle and death is a major theme

1- check out textbooks if did not have time the day before


2- PowerPoint up to Columbus


3- Annotation guide (1/2 of the guide)


4- Reading the Zinn article


1- Complete Columbus PowerPoint

 2- Jamestown PowerPoint (question sheet) 

3.  Mini DBQ 


1- Zinn annotation is due. Go over questions in class


2- Continue Mini-DBQ essay sheet due on Monday

Sept. 22-26

Reading Chapter 2

1- Essay Due- Project/Paper Points

2- Finishing Jamestown

    a. Pocahontas

    b. complete PP

3- Answer Questions

1- List of Jamestown facts/information

2- Start Puritan New England and Middle Colonies with question sheet and Venn Diagram

3- Mini- DBQ on Thanksgiving

1- Puritan New England and Middle Colonies PP with Venn diagram and question sheet complete

2- Answer questions

3- Study Guide

1- Working on study guide for 10 minutes


2- Jeopardy Review Day

1- Test on chapters 1 and 2, plus Virginia company mini-DBQ (maybe district exam or possibly will be with the mini-dbq project)