Settling the West- Chapter 13







Jan. 20- 24

Building Background Knowledge about the West

1. Overview of the Unit and Due Dates

2. Notebook Questions: What happened during Reconstruction?


3. What do we think of when we hear the Wild West?


4. Crash Course “Settling the West”


5. Reading Chapter 13





Building background knowledge about the geography of the West


1. Geography  pretest


2. Geography Assignment

Outline Map

(Bring colored pencils!)

Vocab, People, and Places


PowerPoint with Flashcards



Geo- Assignment Due


In- Depth Look at the Settlers


America Story of U.S. Heartland with Questions

Critical analysis of the western settlement and its impact upon America’s past and present


Turner Thesis with “Reverse Structure of an Essay”

Jan. 27- 31

Turner Thesis is due.

What segment of the population does Turner focus on? Who does he leave out?


Class read except about Turner and Turner Thesis from


In-depth look at the frontier’s impact upon Women (or vice versa the Women’s impact upon the frontier)


Women and the West reading- annotations and summary



Geography of the West Review Day


1- Visual PowerPoint

2- Where is Mr. Kurth in the West?


Classic brochure assignment

Work time on the Classic Brochure Assignment

Documentary Day: Custer’s Last Stand

Classic Brochure Assignment Due (collect)


Test: Chapter 13 Settling the West


(when finished rate the brochures)


Pick a winner

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