The Senate

Introduction: “The Senate” is a role-play simulation we will run throughout the school year. In “The Senate” we will be debating, passing resolutions, and enacting legislation dealing with historical and current American issues.



Step 1- You will first choose a State that you will represent throughout the school year. SEE LIST

            1a. You will be the senator from this State

Estimated Time: 5 Minutes


Step 2- You will need to intensely research your State and create a representative web page. SEE ASSIGNMENT SHEET

            2a. The web page will give in-depth information about your State.

Estimated Time: 7-10 home work hours over 3 weeks


Step 3- Senate (class) Debates

            3a. The class will debate historical and current topics and issues, some examples may include: State Rights vs. Federal Government, Civil Rights, Foreign Policy Issues, and Government Regulation of Industry.

            3b. You will debate these issues from your state’s traditional viewpoint (and what you think that viewpoint most likely is). POSITION PAPERS WILL BE ASSOCIATED WITH THESE DEBATES, SEE RUBRIC AND REQUIREMENTS

Estimated Time: 4-6 home work hours over 2 weeks (several papers will be assigned)


Step 4- Resolutions and Legislation

            4a. The class will attempt to pass resolutions and enact legislation at the end of each debate. Individual representatives will be chosen each time to produce resolutions or pieces of legislations. SEE RUBRIC AND REQUIREMENTS

Estimated Time: 2-3 home work hours over 2 weeks (only once during the school year)


Why a Year-Long Simulation?         

The best learning takes place when you the student are actively thinking about the topics the class is covering. There are several critical skill areas you will work on during this simulation including: technology (webpage), critical and analytical thinking, public speaking, researching, and writing.