The Senate

Researching Your State and Creating the Webpage


Introduction: Now that you have your State that you will represent in “The Senate” for the entire school year you need to create a representative website. A lot of labor will go into the research of your State and the design of your website. Take the project one step at a time and you can create a great looking informative website with a minimal amount of stress. Oh… and do not procrastinate!




Step 1: Take a look at some examples of final products and decide if you will do a Webnode or an extra credit Wix site. (Note if you would like to experiment with another type of website creator for example a Google site, Moonfruit, or Weebly go ahead)

Estimated Time: 30 min- 1 Hour


Step 2: Research Stage. In this stage you need to intensely research your State and find the required information for your website. See the Requirements Sheet and Help Sheet

Estimated Time: 2-4 Hours


Step 3: Create Your Webpage. Create an account using your e-mail and follow the steps of the individual website creator. See Rubric for what the teacher is grading you on.

Estimated Time: 2-10 Hours, depends on how detailed and creative you want to be.

Frustration? If you are getting frustrated (research problems/website problems) at all during this process please see me as soon as possible so we can figure out the solution.

 Important! If you do not have easy access to reliable internet or computer please see me immediately.