Writing Legislation


Writing a piece of legislation

Instructions: You will be chosen to come up with at least one piece of legislation during the course of the year for a topic we will be covering. Here are the requirements.


          1. It must have the Seal of the United States Senate written across the top.

          2. Copies must be made for everyone in the class

          3. You must clearly state what the proposal is. It needs to be something that other Senators can sign onto

          4. NO GRAMMAR ERRORS

          5. Have an area on the bottom of the official proposal for everyone to sign on.


          - Your legislation will compete with another student’s legislation for passage by the U.S. Senate. Only one piece of legislation will make it to the final round of negotiations where it can be modified. It still can be voted against by the Senate and never pass

          - You need 60% of the Congress to pass the legislation

You will be graded on…

          - How well you construct your legislation including grammar

          - How well you deliver your legislation to the Senate and lobby other members to accept your proposal

          - Fulfilling the remaining requirements

Hand in a copy for the teacher with the rubric.