The Wild West Chapter 13







Jan. 19-23

1. Review Civil War and Reconstruction


2. Begin “The West” Unit


3. First geography pre-test


4. Settling the West Geography Assignment

with map



Geography of the West short presentation


Geography Games Day and Geography Partner Quiz Day

Geography post test


Settling the West Flashcards



BBC Wild West Custer’s Last Stand


Worksheet that goes with BBC documentaries

BBC Wild West Billy the Kid


Hand out study Guide

Jan. 26-30

BBC Wild West The Gunfight at the OK Corral

Settling the West Terms Quiz


Start DBQ with document analysis sheet (from appendix)

Analyzing the documents

Analyzing the documents

Checklist- document analysis is due


Start putting together the essay

Feb. 2-6

Rough Draft Due- Student will share with Google Docs with a writing rubric


Editing Day

1- Peers grade the paper using a writing rubric and leave comments (anonymous)


2- Students hand in the rubric (anonymous)


3- Final drafts go back to the owners


4- small group discussion on the west


5- class discussion

6- Hand in final drafts




How about the women? Annotate and summarize Women and the West

Mini Unit: American Imperialism


Hardcore History: The American Peril- different options


The Link to the Podcast

 Hardcore History: The American Peril- different options day 2