Washington to Jackson (Chapter 6 to 8.1)


How did the theme of __________________________________ change America from 1776 (Independence) to 1836 (End of Jackson’s presidency)?

Use your notes from the chart, answers to the driving questions, and information from chapters 5 to 8 to formulate your response.  




U.S. History: Chapter 6 to 8.1 Schedule







Oct. 27-31

1- Hand back papers and go over tests


2- Overview of Chapter 5 and setup chapter 6


3- Crash Course U.S. History for Chapter 5


4- G-SPRITE chart


5- Notebooks

    a. will collect at the end of this unit

    b. lots of driving questions


6- Study Guide

Social/Political/ Geographical/ Economic


Driving Question: How did George Washington shape the role of the Presidency?


1. First 12 minutes of documentary


2. Washington Farewell Address primary source


3. Explain Presidential Report Cards


4. Using textbooks to start the Report Cards

Social/Political/ Geographical


Driving Question: What was Early America’s role in the World? How did Hamilton’s financial plan change America? Why did political parties form?


1. 13:00 to 21:00 in documentary


2. Early American Foreign Affairs Presentation


3. Federalist Presentation


4. Work time on G-SPRITE

Social/Political/ Intellectual/ Geographical


Driving Questions: How did the Jefferson Presidency and the Louisiana Purchase change the course of the USA? What was the impact of the Lewis and Clark Expedition?


1. Documentary 21:00-31:00


2. Jefferson presentation


3.  Primary Source: Jefferson’s letter to Lewis


4. Crash Course/revisit the questions/report cards/G-SPRITE








Driving Question: How did the Founding Fathers view the role of religion?



1- Presidential Report Card Due

  a. sharing the grades we gave the Presidents- kinesthetic activity


2- Religion Reading- Annotate (no summary and make category for notes for G-SPRITE) and fill in G-SPRITE


Nov. 3-7

Intellectual/ Geographical


1- Religion Annotation is Due


2- National Geographic Video with Questions

6.4 Political/Social/ Geographical

Focus Questions


Driving Questions: How does one determine when a war is won or lost?

What is the purpose of a treaty?


1. Silent Read section 6.4


2. PowerPoint- War of 1812


3- Treaty of Ghent Simulation

7.1 Economic/ Technological


Driving Question: How did technology and the economy shape and change Early America?


1. Eli Whitney Handout


2. THIEVES Reading Strategy


3. Answer driving question


4. Work on G-SPRITE

Half Day


7.3/7.4 Political


Driving Question: What made Andrew Jackson and Presidency so unique?


1. Andrew Jackson Quote


2. Presentation


3. Andrew Jackson Project

- Group up and discuss
















1. Work time on Andrew Jackson project


2. Complete work accomplished sheet

Nov. 10-14

7.3 Social/Political/



Driving Questions: What was the relationship like with Native Americans and Americans in the early 1800s? And why did the Trail of Tears happen?


1. KWL: Treatment of Native Americans



2. Check the Textbook (map 227)


3. John G. Burnett Primary Source/ Johnny Cash Reading













Intellectual 8.1

Andrew Jackson Exhibit Day! Students present their museum item.


1. Driving Questions: 5ws and How about transcendentalism.


2- 8.1: Transcendentalism: Readings Jigsaw- hand out




Review Day


1- Groups of 4- discuss G-SPRITE Charts and Questions


2- Work on Study Guide


Late Start


1. Test Chapters 6-8.1 with a mini DBQ


2. Start Chapter 8.2 to 9


3- Hand out study Guide